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Dear Friend,

It happened one fine Sunday evening about 5 months back. Jack & Henry hit the poolside bar at the same time. Both of them had just attended an underground Internet Marketing seminar. All Jack wanted was a relaxing drink. He didn't have the faintest idea of what was coming...

Over drinks, they struck a conversation about their Internet Marketing ventures. Jack revealed that he was a part time Internet Marketer and was making about $300 a week. He was fairly happy with his earnings, as it supplemented his day job income.

"That's good. So have you thought about going full time?", asked Henry.

"Can't afford it mate. I put in 5 hours a day on my online efforts. Even if I go full time, I will earn about 2500 bucks a month. That ain't enough", replied Jack.

Henry was shocked....

He had been a full time Internet Marketer for 3 years, and never put in more than 4 hours a day. Yet, his last month's earning was a handsome $23,000. He knew that Jack had got it all wrong. Curiosity got the best of him and Henry decided to explore a bit...

He said: "I don't mean to be rude, but that's a lot of hours for too little money. If you don't mind me asking, what is it that you do online?"

"You know, the standard stuff - write articles, create blogs, a bit of PPC, some squeeze pages. Just about everything that everyone else is doing", replied Jack.

Henry got the picture. He immediately knew that Jack had succumbed to the popular, yet wrong, notion about Internet Marketing. Being a retired Lecturer from a Community College (he retired at 38), Henry felt the urge to tell Jack what he was doing wrong, just as he would with a misled student...

"You are treading the wrong path, buddy...."

"Internet Marketing is not about hard work. 5 hours a day can earn you a lot more. It's all about smart thinking. You are right that everyone else is doing the same stuff as you; but that's not the smart way to do it", said Henry.

Jack was flabbergasted. He had thought that he knew everything about making money online. But what Henry just said sent a chill down his spine.


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